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TI-2 Remote Sensing and Data Gathering Agenda

TI-2: Remote Sensing and Data Gathering - Agenda

This advanced Institute focuses on the basic electronics of sensors (temperature, pressure, position, humidity, etc.), the analog to digital conversion of sensor data, the microcontroller programming involved in accessing sensors, and the use of radio to connect sensor outputs to the user. Once the basics of remote sensing are introduced, teachers assemble a buoy system for deploying sensors to do environmental studies.

TI-2 also includes a demonstration of telemetry data gathering from amateur satellites, basic amateur satellite operation, and a discussion of applications of the satellite data to math and science topics. TI-2 participants will learn how to configure the Boe-Bot® robot provided in the introductory workshop for MAREA - Mars Lander Amateur Radio Robotic Exploration Activity - operation.

Here is an overview of the topics covered at TI-2:

  • The basic electronics of various sensors likely to be used in the classroom (temperature, pressure, humidity, ozone, GPS)
  • The basic microcontroller techniques used to access and process the signals produced by the sensors 
  • The basic intra-sensor-package communications techniques used to connect the sensors of the packages to the controlling microcontroller 
  • The basics of the science of data linking radios that connect the sensor packages remotely to the users, including the use of APRS as a ham radio data link system for remote sensing
  • The mathematics and math related technologies (graphing calculators and Excel spreadsheet programs) needed to manipulate the raw data collected into meaningful measurements
  • Demonstrations of the various delivery and deployment methods for remotes sensing including water and land based buoy system, high altitude balloon systems, satellite based system, and earth bound and planet-bound robot systems
  • Discussions on the liabilities, dangers, and safety related to projects such as remote buoys and high altitude balloons
  • Introduction to satellite communications



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