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Find an Amateur Radio License Class

Finding a Class

ARRL can help you find an Amateur Radio license preparation class in your community. You can search our database for upcoming classes near you.

Multi-variable searches are not recommended. You may search by zip code and radius, but if your search doesn't produce a result, try casting a wider net. Clear your previous search and conduct a search by state/territory only, to produce a list which may provide more options for class types and locations.

ARRL Instructors: List a License Class

Find an Amateur Radio License Class in Your Area

If you do not see a course in your area please keep checking this page. New courses are added daily.

In the US you can search by ZIP code.
Please note that you should leave the rest of the search fields blank when searching by zip code, or the search may not work.

For online classes, type "Online" in the keyword box and leave all other fields blank.

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