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SSC Application

What is a Special Service Club?

A club that exists to go above and beyond for their communities and for Amateur Radio is what defines a Special Service Club (SSC).  They are the leaders in their Amateur Radio communities who provide active training classes, publicity programs and actively pursue technical projects and operating activities. To join the SSC Program please apply below.

SSC Application

As an ARRL Special Service Club, we have met our agreement to develop our skills in the specified areas during the past two years in accordance with the guidelines in the Active Club On-Line Primer. With this application we apply to become an ARRL Special Service Club (or to renew our SSC status) for the year to come. We have worked closely with our Affiliated Club Coordinator throughout the year. Recently we have discussed our successes and problems during the past year, reviewed our current strengths and weaknesses and agreed on an acceptable program for the coming two years.

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Please indicate if this is a new application or renewal application.

NOTE: Your club must have an up-to-date ARRL affiliation record before applying to become a Special Service Club.

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Purpose: Develop an effective, coordinated program of public relations, recruiting, training and ongoing assistance targeted to prospective and newly licensed hams in your community.

Purpose: Establish an effective Amateur Radio presence in your community, including contact with local media and coverage of your activities; Public Information Officer appointment.

Purpose: Club members should become skilled in communicating effectively during communications emergencies and be prepared to assist when needed; Official Emergency Station appointment and participation in ARES.

Purpose: Continuing education in the technical aspects of Amateur Radio to ensure that your club members are technically competent, familiar and comfortable with modern radio-electronics technology; Technical Specialist appointment.

Purpose: Active participation as a club in one or more major operating or operating support activities to ensure that your club maintains a high level of operating skill.

Purpose: Every active club has its special interests and activities that make it unique, that give it special personality. List three of these activities.

2nd officer can be VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.


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