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On the Air Blog
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On the Air Blog

The monthly On the Air blog features curated stories from the communicators and makers who, like you, are the driving force of today’s amateur radio hobby and service. Learn about all you can do within the amateur radio community from people who will share their stories, opinions, practices and adventures. The On the Air blog is an excellent entry point into the world of amateur radio for those looking for original voices and perspectives from the community.

Whether you are new, an expert or somewhere in between we invite you to take part in the conversation. Share your stories and experiences by emailing

Blog Entries...

#13 McKinney Amateur Radio Club W5MRC New Control Operator Script by Ginger J. Wilder, KI5TJE

#12 On the Air Podcast Transcript, Episode 16, April 8, 2021 by Steve Ford, WB8IMY

#11 Hunting for Foxes at the University of Michigan by Michael Fluegemann, KE8AQW | 28 May 2021

#10 Knit Earpad Covers for Headphones by Daniel Rosenne, 4X4SK | 14 May 2021

#9 One Thousand FT8 Contacts in 14 Days by Jeromy Alexander, AD8GN | 15 Apr 2021

#8 More About Antenna Tuners by Steve Ford, WB8IMY | 18 Mar 2021

#7 My First Mobile Installation by Lisa Roberts, AL6Y | 2 Nov 2020

#6 A Ham Pilot Encourages Making Amateur Radio Your Own by TJ Johnson, K9KJ | 24 Jul 2020

#5 Training Courses for Amateur Radio Public Service | 10 July 2020

#4 Radio Operating from Summits by Bob Witte, KØNR | 21 Apr 2020

#3 Member Spotlight: Meet Theresa Cruz Ancieto, DW3TRZ (PDF). From her ham radio station in the Philippines, Theresa is cross-stitching her way around the world and making friends! | January 2020 QST p. 13

#2 Building and Using the Hands-Free Soldering Fixture From the January/February 2020 Issue | 12 Feb 2020

#1 Find a High Spot for VHF by Bob Witte, KØNR | 30 Jan 2020

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