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Issue No 2 2022

On the Air Email - Issue No. 2 (February 2022)

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No. 1 | January 2022

Wondering what to do with your new Amateur Radio license? Here are resources for new hams!
This email provides you with articles and advice from experienced hams to help you get active and on the air.

Check In to Nets

In the ham radio universe, a net (a shortened form of the word “network”) is an on-the-air gathering that usually convenes on a specific frequency and at a specific date and time. Nets can take place on any frequency band, and can use any mode of communication. This article presents some background on nets —particularly the types you’ll encounter in the world of Amateur Radio public service.

The Great Radio Prism in the Sky

The ionosphere makes long-distance radio communication possible. Thanks to the ever-changing ionosphere, hams can communicate around the world with just a wire antenna in a tree. Learn more in the article The Ionosphere: The Great Radio Prism in the Sky.

The Big Picture: The Ionosphere

This part of the Earth’s atmosphere is made of layers. This graphic shows what determines whether radio signals pass through the ionosphere, are absorbed, or bounce back to Earth.

Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative

If you’re in a collegiate amateur radio club, or are wondering what it takes to start one, the College Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI) offers resources to help college hams start, manage, and promote clubs and activities.

My First Mobile Installation

The first major task for new ham Lisa Roberts, AL6Y, was the installation of a working ham radio setup in her vehicle. Lisa shares her experience and the assistance she received from her mentor and friends.

A Reference for All Hams

Whether you’re new to the hobby or a more experienced ham, you’ll find information you can use to advance your knowledge and skills in The ARRL Handbook! To order your copy visit, and then let some of ham radio's most popular YouTubers carry you through select content in this video series.


Hamfest — An organized gathering of amateur radio operators, often sponsored by a radio club or other ham organization. A hamfest often features symposia, volunteer examiner-led license examinations, displays by dealers and manufacturers, and a radio flea market of used equipment and radio parts. You can search for hamfests in your area at

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Read advice from experienced hams who will answer questions about what to do after you have gotten your license.

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