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A couple questions Sep 14th 2012, 19:53 6 9,506 on 25/3/13

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A couple questions 0008006140H80 on 8/3/13
Thanks for the advice N5AQ - Think I can still copy bout 25 WPM and send bout 22 WPM -what I miss was the enthusiasm I used to find on the old novice bands. I’d send at 5 or slower WPM with my characters crisp and at about 12 WPM with extra spacing which seemed to make easier for the newbies to copy. I figure the slower portions of the band might lead me to some hams eager to try something new to them and reclaim what I loved about amateur radio back in the 50s when I was first introduced.
A couple questions 0008006140H80 on 15/9/12
Thank you - Never learned to use a bug so everyday for me is straight-key night, Sweated sending for my extra more than anything but the examiner compilmented my fist. I just like to help and meet those getting started. Now if government runs out of money and Lockheed-Martin sends me home I'll collect social security and throw up a 40 meter wire and dig out the old Drake.
A couple questions 0008006140H80 on 14/9/12
Between the economy and an uncertain employment future I may reluctantly retire at the end of this year. If so I will have time on my hands and I'm looking in the backyard for a place to hang a wire or place a tower and get back on the air. By my questions you will see it has been awhile since

Question #1 Before calling CQ - I would always send an American Morse Code 'C' dit-dit dit in case because of band conditions one end of an on-going QSO was receiving at that time and I could hear the other end of the QSO. I listened on my HF mobile but didn't ever hear it used. Do people still use Railroad Morse 'C' for that purpose?

Question #2 My favorite place to lurk when I had time was the old novice bands. I would listen for someone having trouble sending their call and pounce at an appropriate slow speed. I know this is ancient history but is there a place (corner) of any HF CW section(s) where newbies gather to get-their-CW-feet-wet?

Looking For an Old QSL Card WA8OCL on 14/9/12
i Wish you luck - I have my fathers old QSL cards from the lste 20s till he passed in 70s but no WA8OCL. It might help if you added what freqs he worked. My dad was usually on 40 meters iin the day, 80 in the morning and evening and only sent QSLs when hams wanted Nevada. I was in High School and then drafted at the time frame your father was active and didn't really get back into ham radio untill about 1968,
Why isn't there more action on ARRL forum? aa6e on 14/9/12
I surf the forum weekly and answer when a fellow ham posts a question I have an opinion but often the question is either resolved or the fellow ham has moved on.

The forums should be fun like the airways - where seldom is needed net police so a long list of rules is self-defeating. Just have fun - be respectful and enjoy your ARRL forum.

My $0.02

I found nothing in your poll to check so I didn't :)

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