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Function Generators Jan 5th 2020, 19:16 5 7,170 on 13/1/20

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Function Generators WA4PMA on 13/1/20
Should be this latest issue.

Function Generators WA4PMA on 13/1/20
Thanks guys for responding and I apologize for not getting back sooner. I really appreciate the responses. The RSGB magazine RadCom did a review on a function generator in the issue and I just wanted to get some feedback. Thanks again!!!

Function Generators WA4PMA on 5/1/20
Several function generators are on the market with various specifications. What specs are really needed for the amateur who really wants to do some projecting and not break the bank.
Features such as bandwidth frequency, amplitude, sampling rate.....etc. I know some of the answers will be "It all depends what you want to use it for". That is true, but I am looking at some guidance in what to look for. Thanks!!!!


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