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APRS Emergency beacon does what exactly? Oct 16th 2018, 21:56 1 7,516 on 16/10/18
How do I recharge ,SLA battery safely? Sep 26th 2018, 18:38 2 8,692 on 27/9/18
Can't get A123 battery fully charged Sep 24th 2018, 15:13 1 8,237 on 24/9/18
How decipher APRS traffic? Jul 16th 2018, 07:29 2 8,906 on 24/7/18
mobilinkd tnc for winlink? Jun 9th 2018, 13:13 1 6,854 on 9/6/18
ft8 legal for field day contacts? Jun 9th 2018, 13:07 8 9,034 on 22/6/18
Ham radio repair? May 23rd 2018, 14:37 2 6,820 on 23/5/18
RF power for Winmor on an 857 Mar 29th 2018, 18:53 2 7,059 on 30/3/18
RF power for Winmor on an 857 Mar 29th 2018, 18:34 1 6,783 on 29/3/18
cables 4 kpc-3+ VX-6 or 857d ? Dec 29th 2017, 13:37 1 6,922 on 29/12/17

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APRS Emergency beacon does what exactly? 0001490519H80 on 16/10/18
Here in Santa Rosa, I want to figure how to alert people at 2 am because of unfortunate recent history - and unimpressive nonchalant official response.
The manual to my Kenwood th-72a sez this about APRS...

When it is unnecessary, never select “EMERGENCY!”.
When an emergency signal is received using APRS,
the Emergency Alarm on all stations will sound."

So if I do that will it sound an alarm signal in all radios tuned to APRS freq? I don't want to try it for fear of causing a general panic. I'm preparing a white paper on emcomm alerts for the club.
How do I recharge ,SLA battery safely? 0001490519H80 on 26/9/18
The jerk on the phone said he was sending me SLA batteries for my mobility scooter, nut they have "F-1" terminals and don't fit. N either will the charger for the scooter fit them. I have a 12 volt power supply and I can get anderson pole adapters to fit the F-1 terminal. What else do I need to charge the batteries safely?
Can't get A123 battery fully charged 0001490519H80 on 24/9/18
I have a "Cellpro Multi4" Controller yhat I charge my LiPo A123 battery with. I use the slow charge option. I can't get the "fuelo level" above about 60%.

What am I doing wrong, please?
Where can I find how to use aprs w/ MD-2017 0001490519H80 on 2/9/18
I finally gave up butting heads with the Brandmeister bosses and bought a Kenwood TH-72a. It works APRS a treat and also lets me get into WinLink via packet.
How decipher APRS traffic? 0001490519H80 on 16/7/18
I got a new Kenwood th-72a so I could work APRS, but I don't understand all the terms or the traffic that I'm seeing. Is there some place I can go to find out what all; these terms and jargon mean?

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