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New to CW 2000358230H80 on 31/7/12
Hello Zack, I poured over the manual this afternoon for my Yaesu FT-847 and I cannot find anywhere within the 98 different Menu options, a choice for reversing the connection via software/firmware. Thank you for making me read it again!!! I never saw (or forgot) I could do cross-band repeating for EmComm if needed!! 73, Rich W2RRK
New to CW 2000358230H80 on 30/7/12
Good morning Martin,
Thank you for the reply. I see your points about using the same hand so it "takes a break" and also keeping the keyer wired the same way in case someone else takes over for me during an event such as Field Day. Good ideas!! Thank you again, 73, Rich W2RRK
New to CW 2000358230H80 on 28/7/12
Hello everyone, I am just starting to learn CW after working HF & 2Meter Voice for a few years now. I picked up a Bencher BY-2 in excellent condition at a Ham's yardsale recently. I am right handed so I understand the concept of how the Keyer is wired with the "Dit" being made by the operator's right thumb and the "Dah" being made by the right index finger. Then, after sending, I would have to come off the keyer, pick up pen or pencil and start writing down what I'm hearing, then put the pen down, and start sending CW again--over and over. I am quite adept at using my left hand for fine motor skill jobs through various jobs I have held over the years, so I was wondering, how many Right Handed CW operators use their Left hand for Iambic keying? Do people keep the current wiring configuration of the keyer and use the Left index finger for the "Dit" and the Left thumb for the "Dah" or did you switch the keyer wiring so that the "Dit" is made with the right side paddle by using your Left thumb and making the "Dah" symbol from the left side paddle with your Left index finger--thereby keeping the traditional "make the "Dit" with your thumb" mantra alive & well. All opinions are welcome!!! To me, it "feels" better to use my left hand to key; it's just figuring out whether to reverse the keyer wiring for "dits" and "dahs" or not. Thank you very much. 73, Rich, W2RRK

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