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What is a good 2 M radio to buy?

Jul 31st 2011, 15:31


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Note: This topic was moved to this forum from the Welcome to ARRL forum. -- Ed, W1RFI, moderator

As there is no general disscusion area i will ask here. As a new tech class what would be a good radio, Band to start in? 2m seems popular but 11m meter is how istarted all of this and there is a 20' Antenna on the roof so i thought 10m would be the easiest and least expensive startup cost for me to begin in. All i would need is a 10m radio to get on air. Looking to just talk with people as far as i can get. Help and suggestions are greatly welcomed before i spend money.
Jul 31st 2011, 19:05


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Rather than look at one particular band, look at which end of the spectrum that lends it self to what you want to do. 2M is great for around town and chatting with the locals. But unless you get very serious (read that lots of $) that is all 2M will do. If you want to talk to folks around the world, go with HF. Right now 10M is still dead for most of the time. While it is coming back, there are other bands that are available right now. With taking just the first 2 tests getting you a General license you will be able to talk "around the world". As far as antennas are concerned you can get (or build) a multiband antenna that will serve very well. One great thing about being a Ham is that you are not confined to one band - start with your Tech license - get a small mobile rig or Hand Held if you are in a metro area and then progress to the higher tickets. You will find lots of guys and gals who will help you move up.

Clint - W5CPT
Aug 1st 2011, 17:20


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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ARRL HQ staff generally will not offer advice on which radio is "best," as this is akin to making a selection for a husband or wife -- they all have their good points, they all have their bad points and it is you who needs to make a choice based on the way those strengths and weakness stack up against your needs. The key to this process is to focus first on your needs, rather than the rig.

For most hams, the features a radio has and they way they are implemented is more important than the raw receiver or transmitter performance.

To help hams make the choice and to help explain what factors may be important, the HQ Lab staff have put together a "Best Rig" page with links to a number of articles and sites that may help you make the choice.

Of course, for most hams, you are not buying the last rig you will ever own, you will be buying your next rig!

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forums moderator

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