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What is a good 2 M radio to buy? Jul 31st 2011, 15:31 3 8,358 on 1/8/11

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AM on HF - Are you with us ? WA3VJB on 31/7/11
Say, that voting ballot reminds me of the whole presidential voting ballot fiasco. if we select the dot in the middle is it bush or clinton?
What is a good 2 M radio to buy? KB3WHB on 31/7/11
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As there is no general disscusion area i will ask here. As a new tech class what would be a good radio, Band to start in? 2m seems popular but 11m meter is how istarted all of this and there is a 20' Antenna on the roof so i thought 10m would be the easiest and least expensive startup cost for me to begin in. All i would need is a 10m radio to get on air. Looking to just talk with people as far as i can get. Help and suggestions are greatly welcomed before i spend money.

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