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Antenna Projects


QST, through the years, has had more articles on antennas than any other subject. There are many workable antenna designs for most any physical or operating requirement.  Very often the best use of your ham radio dollar is to invest in antenna improvements, which can improve both your receiving and transmitting capability.

The menu bar on the left will help you select the antenna you need.  HF wire antennas require a tall support or two, such as sturdy maple or oak trees. A verticals is better if you need a freestanding antenna.  Techs usually start off with VHF, as 10M conditions are poor right now and aren’t expected to improve before 2024.  The lower bands are great for CW operation, but at present USA techs have no HF digital privileges below 10 meters. Computers still struggle to copy hand sent Morse code.

A beam antenna provides a significantly louder signal than a vertical or omni antenna, provided it is pointed in the proper direction.



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