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new way to learn cw K6TRY on 1/1/16
Back in the late 70's/early 80's I attempted to learn Morse Code, 5 WPM, using the "old-school" method with cassette tapes. Still serving in the U.S. Navy, I simply did not get it done - yet learning to do CW has continued to be a dream. Having passed Amateur Extra on the first Saturday of Dec. 2015, I joined in on the ARCEC CW practice sessions every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday since - and am somewhat astounded at the progress I am making. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I use the (free) JLMC program in between sessions and can vouch, for some of us the Farnsworth method works! (Not to mention the friendly, fun, yet effective atmosphere Mark KB6PJU creates for each "live" session).
Digital QST Survey on 14/8/12
Just one question - where is the "Download PDF Copy" button? Please enable that feature and make this discussion OBE...

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