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Licensed to Analyze? Jan 17th 2021, 08:14 6 6,889 on 2/5/21

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Licensed to Analyze? KK4MIJ on 22/1/21
Thank you for your thoughts. As mentioned in my first post, this was a theoretical situation. I was just curious as to the FCC guidelines regarding using such an analyzer " out of band". Fortunately this has never occurred as there are always other hams that are more than eager to lend a hand to any one needing help.

Best Regards,
Steven R. Beyke Sr.
Licensed to Analyze? KK4MIJ on 19/1/21
Perhaps this is not the best place to ask this question.

Can some one please advise which forum would be more appropriate?

Licensed to Analyze? KK4MIJ on 17/1/21
An unusual question to be sure.

if a ham with a technician license wishes to string up a 40 or 80 meter dipole for the purpose of listening only, this is acceptable.

But, can the same technician use a hand held antenna analyzer to tune that same 40 or 80 meter antenna for better reception?

I have done some digging, but have not found anything that specifically addresses this. However, my gut tells me that because an analyzer is in fact a signal generator, and generates a signal however low power, would still be out of band on 40 or 80 meters if used by a technician without a control operator of higher license.

Could I please get some feedback for this theoretical question?



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