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Icom 756PRO3 Internal Keyer Jul 20th 2016, 23:41 3 6,565 on 21/7/16

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Icom 756PRO3 Internal Keyer ilektranik on 21/7/16
The manual is woefully silent on keyer features. Dah interrupts and overrides dit. That is by semi or limited iambic I suppose.
Noting posts that outline the difficulty of switching iambic modes, I must decide if I want to use slap keying only or get used to the limited, undocumented and evidently obscure keying method on this XCVR.
Icom 756PRO3 Internal Keyer ilektranik on 20/7/16
Recently re-licensed after decades I got back in with an Icom 756PRO3. Wanting to recover long atrophied CW skills I got a good deal on a Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe.

What is the Elec-Key mode exactly? It doesn't seem to be Iambic A, B or ultimatic. A two paddle squeeze always results in dahs, regardless of closure sequence.

This is as learn-able as most keying paradigms, I suppose. Does one really want to become acclimatized to a keyer like this?

Days of searching have resulted in no information. Any ideas?



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