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Suggest an "Affiliated Clubs" forum W3BC on 28/5/14
Joe, I agree 99.9%. There should be a whole club section. One of the bad things is there are really good clubs and really bad clubs. The ARRL really needs to audit clubs either on a scheduled basis, randomly or on complaints. Locally we have a club that "lost" their by-laws, didn't do a treasurers report for years (5-12) and just generally fell apart. With no real standards these clubs continue into perpetuity.
More prominent display of Amateur's Code on ARRL Web Site? K3FU on 28/5/14
I print this out and add in each packet I hand out in Licensing classes. Not to be "gramar police" here but is the a "stylebook" to write a SK callsign? While W9EEA is not a current license is W9EEA/SK proper.
Getting a US License when not in US G3NDC on 28/5/14
Just take the test. Only real requirement is they will only send your license to a postal address that takes domestic postage. This includes Army Post Office (APO)/ Fleet Post Offices (FPO), street addresses. Post Office Boxes and Private Mail Boxes (PMB) such as Mail Boxes etc. Every year at Dayton Hamvention a handful of foreigners take the test. They will ask for an FRN or Social Security Number. Apply for an FRN, it is free at: Where it asks for a Social Security Number in the "drop down box" choose "The individual is foreign":remember the VE's are volunteers and may not know this so I'd get the FRN before going to take the exam.
Registering Potential Students WA7RBC on 28/5/14
I use a google form with notifications. We just set a date and promote through the EMA, home schoolers, fliers. The ARRL class list helps. We are also consistent in that we offer classes to get people licensed fo Field and one prior to the local hamfest. For upgrade classes we look to past students and active Technicians by emailing and passing out fliers..

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