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Apr 23rd 2023, 19:42


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Some time ago I attempted to build several high gain designs of yagi, quad, and loop quad antennas.
Having to live in tiny apartments with my mom never had much luck with the information on these sites (my antennas were still not stealthy) so I contiued with using the stealth droopy drawers on my balcony to get into the Palomar club two meter repeater and Catalina repeater.
I recently came upon the mindset of using a corner reflector using aluminum mini blinds as they are actually somewhat affordable.
We had to move once again as the covid scare put us in a more secure place I didn't need this bear belly after the sheltering in place!
When I built these other yagis and loop quads (one for wi-fi local network I was picking up a network from a great distance the motel 6 almost a half a mile away).
Now I have discovered corner reflectors and cannot find the same (not being able to use sites such as www.softcom,g3jvl,k6ksn,k7mem as a portable calculators)
maybe this computer is just too old and does not access the mathematical info that I need or is the internet just turning into a informational junk yard?

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