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Help me get into CW

Feb 20th 2017, 21:48


Joined: Oct 22nd 2015, 19:24
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I am a newer HAM. I only have a couple handhelds and a 2m home station. I would love to be able to send CW. I have been practicing. I am able to receive about 2wpm. (each letter I still really have to think about) I can send closer to 6wpm.

I can tell that the rigs that say "all mode" include CW, but considering that funds are an issue, what is the best way to get started? In the meantime I'll be practicing my Q codes, my transmit and receive speed .
Mar 3rd 2017, 23:46


Joined: Nov 26th 2016, 00:32
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I have had my general license about 10 years.
I, like you, am trying to break into sending and receiving CW. I have a rig that transmits CW and I have been re-learning the code with a MFJ -414 classroom tutor. I have been trying to find some novice band locations where I can try to listen into a qso and see if I can copy. My problem is determining where to tune to find such qso's that I might can copy.
It sounds like you have the right plan to practice practice practice.

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