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Icom 756PRO3 Internal Keyer

Jul 20th 2016, 23:41


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Recently re-licensed after decades I got back in with an Icom 756PRO3. Wanting to recover long atrophied CW skills I got a good deal on a Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe.

What is the Elec-Key mode exactly? It doesn't seem to be Iambic A, B or ultimatic. A two paddle squeeze always results in dahs, regardless of closure sequence.

This is as learn-able as most keying paradigms, I suppose. Does one really want to become acclimatized to a keyer like this?

Days of searching have resulted in no information. Any ideas?


Jul 21st 2016, 02:16


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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A quick scan of the manual indicates it is a basic keyer dots and dashes only. It doesn't look like it supports any type of iambic operation. It looks like you can make several adjustments to the weighting and several other characteristics.
Jul 21st 2016, 10:53


Joined: Nov 21st 2015, 00:11
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The manual is woefully silent on keyer features. Dah interrupts and overrides dit. That is by semi or limited iambic I suppose.
Noting posts that outline the difficulty of switching iambic modes, I must decide if I want to use slap keying only or get used to the limited, undocumented and evidently obscure keying method on this XCVR.

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