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Cheap paddle cover

Jul 16th 2015, 19:03


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Buy an inexpensive selection of 3 x 3 notepads in a plastic container. Remove the paper notes. Turn the plastic container upside down for a nice dust cover on your paddle, which includes clearance for the paddle handle. Make a small notch at the back for the paddle cord.
Jul 4th 2016, 02:09


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Last winter I was looking through a small box of 'fleamarket-keys' (I kind of remember how I came to have them but am not completely sure) and I came across one that I think is of eastern European origin - it looks to be sort-of-a-copy of the German Baumuster Key. I could tell that the key originally had a snap-on cover but that was missing.

On a pantry shelf I had a container of Borden's 'Craftbond' glue (it looks about like Elmer's Glue-All).

I took scissors and cut up some thin cardboard until, by folding, I had a small open top container ... turn it over and there's a cover. Then I took the glue and smeared it fairly liberally on the paper (this glue is similar to the stuff they had you use in kindergarten so it's slow to set and it washes off easily). Then I covered the box with some green felt (another item I have as a result of collecting old keys) and waited for the glue to set.

When the glue had cured I had a surprisingly presentable top cover for the CW key (other than I think that using black felt would have looked better than the dark green felt that I had on-half).

I have not done so but I've been wondering if smearing more of the glue on the outside of the felt (in effect using the felt/box as a casting form for the glue), and then letting it dry, then sanding the glue so it's smooth - might this not give an almost 'proper' looking cover (perhaps with a spray of black paint) ?

- Paul, WB5AGF

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